I'm a Supermodel Duck!

Lilly the Duck
Guess what! I'm a Supermodel! Mommy said so because she put me in her Etsy pictures! You can see them all in our Etsy shop here: http://loveaduck.etsy.com

I had so much fun taking the pictures!  I got to spend time alone with Mommy. I followed her around everywhere she went until she was ready to take my picture. I was a little nervous being outside without my brothers, but Mommy kept telling me how pretty I looked and that made me feel better!

I even got to see Mommy's garden and the other ducks outside. Those babies have gotten so big! I couldn't wait to tell the boys all about my adventure with Mommy!

Now that I'm a Supermodel, I'll be requiring all kinds of Supermodel-y indulgences like diamond necklaces, fancy dresses, expensive shoes, French-tipped maincures and hair gel. I hope Mommy realizes this...

I've personally approved all of the items in our Etsy shop and given them my Official Seal of Approval! Mommy's always adding new items, so be sure to check out our shop for some fabulous home decor!



  1. Love it! What a unique idea, you sure are lovely Lilly x

  2. Lilly - truly you are an astute supermodel duck. You are not all beauty and no brains. Remember to get your rest, keep that pretty waist line and have the gel packs ready in case you get dark cirles under your eyes.

    I visited your Mommy's shop and you are a lucky supermodel duck to be associated with her lovely items.

  3. Lol, this post is too cute! Love your creativity. Stopping by from CASTTEAM midweek blog blitz!

    Continued blessings!

  4. Oh, Lilly - you're going to have to work very hard to keep your girlish figure so you can keep on modeling..

  5. love love love!!! Way to go Lilly! :)

  6. such a cute duck! I had seen your shop before and wondered if the duck was real...now I know it is Lilly!

  7. Thank you all for your kind words! I'm so lucky to have so many new friends! God bless! Love, Lilly