Baby Ducks

Hello everyone!

At our house my brothers and I have some outside duck friends (or frenemies...but more on that another time).  And the other day, guess what happened!  They had babies! ...thirteen of them! I don't know how the mama duck keeps track of them all--our Mommy says she had a hard enough time with just the three of us!

Mommy took a picture of the mama duck with some of her babies. They are only a few days old.

Even though we may not be the friendliest of friends with those ducks outside, I have to admit that their babies are soooo cute! Don't you just want to cuddle them?!

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Mother's Day Bench


Look at this pretty bench!  Mommy made it for Grandma for Mother's Day! She broke up lots of old fancy dishes. I bet that was fun! Then she made a mosaic out of them. I think it looks beautiful!

Grandma LOVED it! And so did Grandpa and everyone else. No one wanted to sit on it--they said it was too pretty!

...Grandma doesn't know that I sat on it, so it'll be our little secret, ok?

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Lilly and the Spider

I saved the day today!

While Mommy was getting our breakfast ready this morning, she saw a huge, black ground spider in the corner. She called for Grandpa, and he came to kill it. But before he could get it, the spider started to run across the bathroom floor.

He was so fast! ...but I was faster! I bonked him on the head with my bill and gobbled him up! The boys didn't even see him!

Grandpa just laughed, and Mommy said, "Gross!!" but I think she was happy that the spider was gone.

I love helping!

 Love, Lilly